Daniel Estulin is an award winning Investigative Journalist, International Best Selling author and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. He is  a dangerous man to the status quo. Obsessed, tenacious and courageous, he is a man who has been in the crosshairs of the global power brokers for almost two decades. He is our preeminent historian of the global elite, a scholar of remarkable breadth and erudition and one of the world’s most outspoken public intellectuals. Estulin doesn’t mince words and he doesn’t hold back when naming names, and when identifying the cauldrons of chaos they have created. Over the past 20 years, he has exposed the “Shadow Masters” among the secret global power elite as the coolly vicious orchestrators of wars, terrorism, drug trafficking and grand-scale theft. He joins Sheila on Bilderberg 2015.

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Daniel Estulin’s international best seller, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group is coming soon to a theater near you. The film is being produced by Chile West Group, with a projected release date of August 2015. 

 Watch the Movie Trailer Here.