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BEST GUN ROUNDTABLE EVER! Craig Sawyer, Sig Swanstrom, Larrry Pratt & Chuck Baldwin

What happens when a former SWAT operator, a former Navy SEAL (DEVGRU) Sniper and federal agent, the Gun Owners of America Executive Director & Americas’ Favorite Liberty Pastor come together? EXPLOSIVE !!!   

Was Vegas Shooting ILLUMINATI “Deep State” Occult Sacrifice?

Sheila makes the link between the OCCULT World & the Massacre in Las Vegas- Oct 8, 2017.  THE AUDIO DOESN'T DO IT JUSTICE SO PLEASE CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE YOUTUBE

Saboteurs: In Quest of the FINAL NEW WORLD ORDER- Dr. Tom Horn

Renowned Dr. Tom Horn's most important book to date. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A SENIOR ANALYST AT THE PENTAGON, A POLICE INVESTIGATOR AND A PROPHECY EXPERT COMBINE THEIR INVESTIGATIVE TALENTS TO GET BEHIND WHAT IS TRULY HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON DC? This rabbit hole goes much deeper than the average person can even start to [...]


Renowned Dr. Ted Broer  joins Sheila for an amazing show revealing top secrets & hacks to melt belly fat, boost energy, look younger & feel amazing. Attention Ladies GET AMAZING RESULTS by joining Sheila on:  Sheila's Ultimate Female Stack Kit

REVEALED! The NFL’s Dirty Little SECRET They Don’t Want You To Know

Sheila lays out a powerful overview of the NFL and whats really going on behind all this.

Is The Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Speaking In Tongues Relevant for Today’s Church- Dr. Danny Morano

Dr. Danny Morano joins Sheila on a powerful show discussing why the church has no power. Why is there confusion about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Why Many Christians Have Not Received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Is this Baptism related to Speaking in Tongues?

Bitter-fruit- John Torell

John Torell joins Sheila for a look at booklet 8 of the Kabbalah series entitled Bitterfruit & in addition he weighs in on the Earthquakes & Hurricanes, and addresses the September 23 Rapture Doctrine. 

Gods & Thrones: Nachash, Forgotten Prophecy, & the Return of the Elohim- Carl Gallups

Sept 8-2017-Carl Gallups, award winning author and police turned pastor joins Sheila on a powerful show that you don't want to miss.

TEXAS AFTERMATH Why Christians Are Missing In Action-Dave Daubenmire

Coach Dave Daubenmire from Pass The Salt Ministries joins Sheila boots on the ground in Texas. Sept 7, 2017

God’s A Team -What It Takes To Make The Cut- Dr. Michael Lake

Dr. Michael Lake is the author of the Shinar Directive and the Sheeriyth Imperative, Empowering the Remnant to Overcome the Gates of Hell. He joins on a SIZZLING show about what it takes to make God's TOP TEAM. Last half of the show Sheila gives an update on the future of her show.