The Weekend Vigilante® with Sheila Zilinsky is the fastest growing show in alternative media. It examines what you’re not being told on the 6 0′clock news. Hailed as ‘Alex Jones in a skirt’, she exposes the emergence of the New World Order, totalitarianism, tyranny, the steady erosion of freedoms, liberties & sovereignty; as well as the extirpation of Christian values. She wages war against establishment corruption, corporate fascism, eugenics, martial law, the encroaching draconian police state as well as the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events. 

“Sheila is very bright, well spoken, and knowledgeable. She is definitely on her game and has a vibrant and Biblical spirituality. Sheila is a force to contend with and is most definitely an asset to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Sheila Zilinsky possesses that rare combination of intellectual knowledge, the gift of being able to communicate articulately and a genuine Biblically centered spirituality, I believe Sheila will emerge as an authentic leader in the days to come.”  ~ Paul McGuire

“Sheila is a rising star in talk radio as she is known for her wit and detailed knowledge of history and psychology. Sheila has an excellent command of the problematic contemporary issues which threaten America”~Dave Hodges

“Sheila Zilinsky pours her heart out, she’s one of the most amazing woman I’ve ever met”~Steve Quayle (76:45)