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Artificial Intelligence May Replace Humans and Become New Form of Life

One day robots could entirely edge out human beings and become a new life form that is even capable of replicating itself, Stephen Hawking has warned, once again predicting a rather grim future for humankind.  “I fear that AI may replace humans altogether,” the renowned physicist told Wired magazine, as cited by the Cambridge News. [...]

Tormenting Spirits- Carla Butaud

Minister Carla Butaud  joins Sheila to lay out a very powerful timely teaching entitled, Tormenting Spirits

Which Jesus Do You Serve?- Dr. Danny Morano

Dr. Danny Morano joins Sheila on a powerful show discussing why people are worshiping another Jesus. Why is there confusion and no power in today church. 

Dark Origins: The HISTORY of HALLOWEEN

Sheila breaks down the Origins of Halloween, Where did it start and Whats it Really About? How should today's Christians View It. October 30, 201

Former League Quarterback Calls NFL “PSYCHOTIC”

Former NFL Quarterback Mike Boryla joins Sheila on the NFL and his surprising answer on how to deal with all the protests.

Witchcraft Is Now Trendy as Witches Come “Out of the Broom Closet” into a City Near You

Images of witches being veiled in darkness, casting spells over cauldrons endure, but a new generation of Wiccans and witches have established growing communities in D.C. and across the country.  Read Full

Former High Level Satanic Priest EXPOSES Halloween’s Dark Secret

John Ramirez is a popular sought-after public speaker and featured guest on 100s of TV and radio programs. Formerly a third-ranking high priest of a satanic cult in New York City, John is now a vibrant evangelist who shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever he goes. His remarkable story is told in his [...]

What does Russia, Clinton, the Vegas Massacre, the NFL & Hollywood ALL have in Common?

Dave Hodges joins Sheila on a riveting analysis on current events and how it all connects. Don't miss Sheila on Dave's show this Sunday, October 22 @ 8 pm EST- Click here 

Tactics the Enemy Uses To Block Your Happiness- Monty Mulkey

Minister Monty Mulkey from West Coast Church of Deliverance studied under the Late Rev. Win Worley. WCCD is a long standing established ministry providing teaching and training to equip the body & further the spread of deliverance ministry. He joins Sheila on Sorrow: Its not what you think. Oct 19, 2017

Are the GODS of America Being Brought Down? Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne joins Sheila on a powerful discussion. Oct 14, 2017. If you are in Florida attend the Abundant Rain Conference  OR WATCH HERE:  Abundant Rain LIVE STREAM Oct 15-22.