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A Hefty Warning For Christians about the Top Selling Devotional

Sheila critiques the Top Selling Popular Devotional 'Jesus Calling' by Sarah Young.

Mysterious Holistic Doctors Dropping Like Flies, Big Pharma, Big Conspiracy?-Dr. Ted Broer

Dr. Ted Broer joins Sheila on a stunning bombshell on Big Pharma and what is really going on. Get Sheila's Ultimate Female Stack **Use Weekend 5 code for a great discount**

The Deeper State- Lt. Col. Robert L. Maginnis

Pentagon Insider Lt. Col. Robert L. Maginnis U.S. ARMY (RET.) joins Sheila for a riveting show on the Deeper State: imminent final empire. Nov 22, 2017.

Strangers can talk to your child through ‘connected’ toys, investigation finds

A consumer group is urging major retailers to withdraw a number of “connected” or “intelligent” toys likely to be popular at Christmas, after finding security failures that it warns could put children’s safety at risk. (Read More)

Could Traveling Back In Time Physically Be Possible?

The idea of traveling back in time has long fascinated humans, such as in Back To The Future’s Delorean DMC-12. After decades of research, we may have hit upon a solution that’s physically possible.  (READ MORE)

Scientists Warn New Brain Technologies Leading To Terrifying Invasions Of Privacy

Imagine for a minute that you survive a terrible accident, and lose function of your right arm. You receive a brain implant able to interpret your brain’s neural activity and reroute commands to a robotic arm.  (READ MORE)

Sorcery, Bewitchment & Mind Control -Pastor Newhart

Pastor Newhart from Hamburg Church of Deliverance joins Sheila on a powerful teaching on Sorcery, Bewitchment & Mind Control -plus Deliverance.

Uh-Oh It’s Happening Just Like Mark Taylor Said!- Mark Taylor

Former Florida Firefighter, author and Prophet Mark Taylor Joins Sheila on a powerful show about prophecy being fulfilled and whats coming next!

How To Deal With Intense Spiritual Attack- Augusto Perez

Augusto Perez is a powerful apostolic minister who has been commissioned to equip Gods People in the turbulent end times. He joins Sheila on 'Spiritual Warfare Intensification'.

Confessions of a Green Peace Drop Out -Dr. Patrick Moore

Sheila is joined by author and renowned scientist Dr. Patrick Moore on the astonishing truth behind the push to 'go green'. Get Dr. Moore's book, 'Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout',