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Shocking Mark Taylor Prophecy That May Turn Everything On Its Head

Florida firefighter Mark Taylor Joins Sheila on a stunning show that is set to change everything you think you know... and then some! 

Pope Francis Crowns Head of Statue of Mary as Queen of Heaven

Jorge Bergoglio, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church who is also known as “Pope Francis,” placed a crown on the head of a statue of Mary during his visit to Chile on Tuesday. (Read Full)

Disney’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Erases The Book’s Bible Quotes, Cuts Jesus And Christian History

As Disney adapted the beloved children’s book “A Wrinkle in Time” (1962) into a major motion picture. Bible quotes, a reference to Jesus, and even Christian historical figures all got the boot.  (READ MORE)

The Most Hilarious Climate Change Causes That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

  Best Selling Author Marc Morano joins Sheila to talk about his new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change. March 15, 2018.    

Richard Dawkins Wants Us To Overcome Our “Cannibalism Taboo”

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins is curious about lab-grown human meat. Could we overcome our taboo against cannibalism? (READ MORE).

Terrified Amazon Echo & Alexa Users Reporting “Demonic Device”

There are plenty of stories of artificial intelligence gone wrong. But recent reports from owners of Amazon Alexa devices are being called ‘bone chillingly creepy.’ Another Echo Dot owner said they told Alexa to turn off their alarm in the morning and she responded by letting out a ‘witch cackle'. (READ MORE)

Pagan Gods, Demons & Hindu Idols -Taking The Gospel to India

  Dr. Daniel Morano joins Sheila on a powerful report from his mission trip to India. March 14, 2018. 

REVEALED! Freemasonry Secrets & What Christians Need To Know

Pastor Randy Richey joins Sheila on a expose on Freemasonry that you don't want to miss. March 12, 2018.

Keys to Unlocking Finances Gods Way

Pastor Monty Mulkey joins Sheila on a powerful teaching (Part 2) on Financial Destruction and how to take back what the enemy has stole from you. Mar 8, 18 For Part 1 of Series Click Here 

Is Trump Betraying His Campaign Promises on Guns?

Sheila breaks down the latest liberal gun grabbing efforts. What we have not seen at these town hall meetings. Sheila discusses keys of the Bill of Rights, Second Amendment, the NRA and why Donald Trump's meetings/comments should cause us pause. Should we be concerned? March 6, 2018. Click here for YouTube Version