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  • Greeny

Green Gospel: The New World Religion – AVAILABLE NOW!

Sheila Zilinsky’s new book, Green Gospel, is now available to order. The world is accepting the most diabolical fraud of our era.

  • cyborg

Turning Man into Machine?

Programmable microbes? Humans turning into cyborgs? People extending or even living beyond their life spans? These all sound like things you can see in a science-fiction movie, but the US Department of Defense is actually […]

  • popey

The Pope’s Green Theology Calls for One World Global Governance

The Pope’s Global Green Plan is unveiled in his rare 192 page climate encyclical, in which he states, “humans are largely to blame for a dramatic change in the climate and nothing short of a “bold cultural revolution” can halt humanity’s spiral into self-destruction. Read More Here.


Recent Episodes

  • B&W WV

July 31- Augusto Perez

Augusto Perez is a powerful apostolic evangelist/minister who has been commissioned to lead Gods People through the turbulent End Of Times. He is back from his mission trip and will be sharing insight on whats […]

  • B&W WV

July 30 – Carla Butaud


Powerful Minister Carla Butaud from Texas joins me for a powerful teaching on Angels. Astonishing facts from the Word of God about Angels and the one thing that few Christians know about Angels that effects you […]

  • B&W WV

July 29- Dr. Danny Morano

Dr. Danny Morano joins Sheila to talk about solutions for the problem in today’s counterfeit church culture.

Danny is the Author of many books including American Dream. He inspires and encourages Christians to move beyond the habit and practice of […]

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  • featurede

July 28- Steve Quayle

Highly acclaimed author, researcher and watchman Steve Quayle joins Sheila for an in depth analysis of current events- including why Gold prices are plunging. Whats really happening with metals and whats happening on the financial front? […]

  • featurede

July 27- Dave Hodges

Popular talk show host and writer host Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show joins Sheila for a riveting discussion on the latest on Jade Helm as well they connect the dots on recent events.

  • B&W WV

July 24- Pastor David Lankford

Renowned Pastor David Lankford The Voice of Evangelism, is the author of  The Second Coming; A Second Look He is an old-school powerhouse preacher & prolific scriptorian and unlike many of today’s pastors, he refuses to compromise when it comes to preaching God’s Word, […]

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