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Good Friday, Observed by Christians, Will Now Be Called Spring Holiday in USA City

An Indiana city has renamed two holidays in a bid to be more culturally sensitive. Columbus Day and Good Friday will now be known as Fall and Spring Holiday in Bloomington. (Read Full)


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Chinese Take Lead in Race to Create ‘Superhuman’

Scientists are now on the cusp of creating a more perfect human – one that could avoid major diseases and live well past the century mark. (Read more)


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Dec 8 – Sheila

Sheila unmasks the number one selling Christian devotional, Jesus Calling -by Sarah Young. Jesus Calling or Satan Calling?

Kundalini Unmasked

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Dec 7- Saeed Abedini

Saeed Abedini is an Iranian American Christian pastor, and a former Muslim, who was imprisoned in Iran. He was initially incarcerated and sentenced to eight years in prison, on charges of undermining national security through […]

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Dec 6- Sheila’s New Segment- Tuesday Newsday

Sheila does a new segment breaking down breaking news. 

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Dec 5- Marc Morano, Dave Hodges

1st half- Marc Morano is a former Republican political aid who founded and runs website ClimateDepot.com which is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a non-profit organization based in Washington that advocates […]

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Dec 2- Dr. Tom Horn & Josh Peck

Dr. Tom Horn, the Founder of Skywatch TV is a renowned best selling prophecy author and well known TV & radio personality joined by co-author Josh Peck to talk about their book, ‘ABADDON ASCENDING’. 


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Dec 1- The Revelation of The Cross

Today Sheila gives a very important teaching entitled “The Revelation of The Cross”. Is The Cross of Calvary really a big deal in todays world? is the Bible even relevant in today’s world? 

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