Could Traveling Back In Time Physically Be Possible?

The idea of traveling back in time has long fascinated humans, such as in Back To The Future’s Delorean DMC-12. After decades of research, we may have hit upon a solution that’s physically possible.  (READ MORE)

Scientists Warn New Brain Technologies Leading To Terrifying Invasions Of Privacy

Imagine for a minute that you survive a terrible accident, and lose function of your right arm. You receive a brain implant able to interpret your brain’s neural activity and reroute commands to a robotic [...]


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Highly Contagious “Black Death” Plague Killing People-What You NEED To Know

Minister Monty Mulkey from West Coast Church of Deliverance studied under the Late Rev. Win Worley. WCCD is a long standing established ministry providing teaching and training to equip the body & further the spread [...]

HELP! I Just Can’t Take It Anymore

Carla Butaud joins Sheila on a powerful show about dealing with suicide and addressing family dynamics in holidays  Dec 11, 2017

Israel- What Every Christian Needs To Know

Pastor John Torell from EAEC lays out a very timely teaching on Israel, the History, and how it effects Christians today. Dec 8, 2017. Click here to listen to the PODCAST  (file exceeded site upload). [...]

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40 Rules To Help Boys Become Men -Gregg Jackson

National best-selling author Gregg Jackson joins Sheila on a remarkable discussion about his new book, 40 Rules To Help Boys Become Men, The Lost Art of Manners, Etiquette & Behavior.

Former U.S. Spy Drops a Bombshell That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End!

Ex CIA Intelligence Operative Robert David Steele joins Sheila on a show that will astonish you! Click Links to his affiliate sites: #UNRIG & PHIBETAIOATA

A Hefty Warning For Christians about the Top Selling Devotional

Sheila critiques the Top Selling Popular Devotional 'Jesus Calling' by Sarah Young.

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