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Advocating For Brain Chipping The Human Race

Would you ever chip yourself? The idea of human microchipping, once confined to the realms of science fiction and conspiracy theory, has fascinated people for ages, but it always seemed like something for the distant future. Yet patents […]

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As In Bible Prophecy, Your Head And Hand Are About To Control Your Life

Biometrics—the use of unique human characteristics to identify an individual—and the Internet of Things are each furiously speeding toward the future, though not necessarily in lock step. Read Full Here 



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June 24- Joseph Meyer

Famed economist Joseph Meyer from straight Money Analyses weighs in on the Brexit, Trump’s Plan, the markets, precious metals, oil, and where all this is headed. 

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June 23- Dan Duval

Dan Duval is an author, speaker, minister and radio host. He is the founder and president of BRIDE Ministries. His latest book is Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations. He is the host of […]

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June 22- Augusto Perez

Augusto Perez- This Show is a Viewers Choice Top Pick of 2016/Replay from April 

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June 21- Gregg Jackson

Gregg Jackson is the national best-selling author of Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies, We won’t get fooled again &  40 Things to Teach Your Children Before You Die. He’s a former radio host on WRKO in […]

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June 20- Cris Putnam

Highly acclaimed speaker and researcher Cris Putnam, bestselling author of Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana, The Supernatural World View and On the Path of the Immortals is recognized for expertise in the area of biblical prophecy and apologetics. He joins Sheila […]

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June 17- Carla Butaud- Seducing Spirits

Minister Carla Butaud from Texas joins Sheila for a powerful teaching on Seducing Spirits with deliverance prayer and please stand with us at the end of the program as we pray for our Nation.

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