April 17 Guest: Steve Quayle, Greg Evensen and V the Guerilla Economist

Show: The Plundering of America

Lawman Dr. Greg Evensen, Steve Quayle & V the Guerilla Economist weigh in this Thursday on the Bundy standoff, charlatan Harry Reid & the BLM, China buying out America, The total sellout to foreign nations and the internal Communist takeover happening right before our eyes as well as the plundering of all our resources, technology and our heritage … And much more …Don’t miss this show!

February 20 Guest: Stephen Quayle

 Steve Quayle™ highly acclaimed author and progenitor of exposing the new world order. For over 30 years he’s been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOS and biological warfare as it relates to the future of mankind. Steve discusses his latest book Xenogenesis: Changing Men Into Monsters.