Scientists Welcome World To Immortality Without God—Machine Life Soon To Begin.

Here’s what happens. You are lying on an operating table, fully conscious, but rendered otherwise insensible, otherwise incapable of movement. A humanoid machine appears at your side, bowing to its task with ceremonial formality (READ MORE)


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Monty & Sharon Mulkey- Curses & Covenants

Ministers Monty & Sharon Mulkey founded the West Coast Church of Deliverance after years of study under the late Win Worley & Derek Prince. WCCD is a long standing established ministry providing teaching, [...]

Derek Gilbert- The Great Inception: Satans Psyops from Eden to Armageddon

  Derek Gilbert is an author and the host and news anchor for SkyWatchTV, a Christian media ministry and the host of the radio show A View from the Bunker. He joins Sheila [...]

Patrick Wood- 5G, Smart Grid, AI and the Coming Global Brain

Patrick Wood is a leading expert on Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030 and Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, with the late Antony [...]

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Carla Butaud- Faith in The Midst of a Battle

Minister Carla Butaud  joins Sheila to lay out a very powerful teaching entitled, Faith In The Midst of a Battle.

John Torell-Trump & The Jews- Should Christians Be Concerned?

John S. Torell is founder and president of European-American Evangelistic Crusades, Inc. a mission organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been in ministry for 50 years and teaches [...]

David Lankford-Digging Up Hebrew Roots

Renowned Voice of Evangelism, Pastor David Lankford, author and old-school powerhouse preacher is a prolific scriptorian and one of the rare evangelists who refuses to compromise God’s Word. He joins Sheila on 'Digging Up Hebrew Roots ' [...]

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