Humanity No Longer Needs God Says Da Vinci Code Author

Dan Brown made the provocative remark at the Frankfurt Book Fair where he was promoting his new novel, Origin. (Read More)

AI Implants Will Allow Us To Control Our Homes With Our Thoughts, Even Heal Us, Government Report Claims

Artificially intelligent nano-machines will be injected into humans within 20 years to repair and enhance muscles, cells and bone, a senior inventor at IBM has forecast. Read More


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Uh-Oh It’s Happening Just Like Mark Taylor Said!- Mark Taylor

Former Florida Firefighter, author and Prophet Mark Taylor Joins Sheila on a powerful show about prophecy being fulfilled and whats coming next!

How To Deal With Intense Spiritual Attack- Augusto Perez

Augusto Perez is a powerful apostolic minister who has been commissioned to equip Gods People in the turbulent end times. He joins Sheila on 'Spiritual Warfare Intensification'.

Confessions of a Green Peace Drop Out -Dr. Patrick Moore

Sheila is joined by author and renowned scientist Dr. Patrick Moore on the astonishing truth behind the push to 'go green'. Get Dr. Moore's book, 'Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout',

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Tormenting Spirits- Carla Butaud

Minister Carla Butaud  joins Sheila to lay out a very powerful timely teaching entitled, Tormenting Spirits

Which Jesus Do You Serve?- Dr. Danny Morano

Dr. Danny Morano joins Sheila on a powerful show discussing why people are worshiping another Jesus. Why is there confusion and no power in today church. 

Dark Origins: The HISTORY of HALLOWEEN

Sheila breaks down the Origins of Halloween, Where did it start and Whats it Really About? How should today's Christians View It. October 30, 201

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