Hacking Humanity- The ‘Antichrist’ Neural Implant That Scans Your Thoughts

The human mind is already pretty open to manipulation—just ask anyone who works in advertising. But neural implant technology could potentially open up a direct digital link to our innermost thoughts that could be exploited [...]

Judge Bans Pro-Life Media From Exposing Abortion Workers

A judge has banned media from identifying abortion center workers who testified in court against pro-life activist Mary Wagner. Ontario Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer granted the temporary ban after a closed “emergency” hearing with the [...]


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The Spirit of Rape- Caroline Minkowski

Caroline Minkowski joins Sheila on a powerful teaching on a form of spiritual violation that impacts all Christians and no one knows about it. 

Sheila Slams ANTIFA and Calls Out The LEFT

August 16, 2017-Sheila Zilinsky brings you what Breitbart calls, RANT OF THE WEEK

What Witches Don’t Want Christians To Know- Mary Lake

Acclaimed author Mary Lake joins Sheila on a riveting analysis of witchcraft, mind control and occult programming.

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Why You Can’t Break Free From Porn, Until Now!

West Coach Church of Deliverance Pastors Monty & Sharon Mulkey  join Sheila on a Powerful Show addressing the 100 billion dollar elephant in the living room. How you can finally get free once & for [...]

How a Top Navy Seal is Dealing With Perverts and Why No Pedophile is Safe

Former Elite Seal Team 6 Special Operations sniper and tactical expert, Craig "The Sawman" Sawyer joins Sheila for a riveting show on how one navy seal is dealing with pedophilia. 

RISE OF HOMOSATANUS: Underground Rituals, The Black Flame & The Coming Fourth Reich-Russ Dizdar

Russ Dizdar minister & author of  The Black Awakening,  is considered the worlds leading expert on satanic rituals & occult crimes. Russ Joins Sheila on a mind-blowing discussion. 'RISE OF HOMOSATANUS: Underground Rituals, The Black Flame & The [...]

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