Calling Sheila Zilinsky’s Green Gospel-Cities Must Step Up To The Plate To Champion Climate Change Mitigation

The latest global mantra is that cities will soon replace the nation-state as the principal drivers and planners of society. Thus, you will see more articles of this type encouraging Mayors to usurp national sovereignty [...]


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What Your Are Not Being Told About Manchester-Dr. Ted Broer

May 24-Nutritionist and biochemist Dr. Ted Broer discusses MANCHESTER CONCERT BOMBING, ENERGY GATEWAYS, PEDOGATE, ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM & SACRIFICE- Rituals From Hells Kitchen.   


Economist Ken Shortgen from the Daily Economist joins Sheila on a riveting analysis as what triggered the start of the economic collapse.

BOMBSHELL! What Do Seth Rich, Comey, Clinton and Pedogate Have In Common?

Popular talk show host and writer Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show joins Sheila for a riveting discussion of today’s current events. Deep State Kryptonite- What Do Seth Rich, Comey, Clinton and Pedogate Have In Common?

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Russ Dizdar-Satanic Rituals, Pedogate & The Deep Underground Occult

Russ Dizdar minister & author of  The Black Awakening,  is considered the worlds leading expert on satanic rituals & occult crimes. Russ Joins Sheila on 'Satanic Rituals, Pedogate & The Deep Underground Occult'

Patrick Wood- 5G, Smart Grid, AI and the Coming Global Brain

Patrick Wood is a leading expert on Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030 and Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, with the late Antony [...]

Carla Butaud- Faith in The Midst of a Battle

Minister Carla Butaud  joins Sheila to lay out a very powerful teaching entitled, Faith In The Midst of a Battle.

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